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Liquid Hop Magma - New England IPA

With aromatic notes of fresh Lime, Tangerine, and Passion Fruit, Liquid Hop Magma is a hazy orange New England Style IPA designed to send you straight to the mouth of the volcano. Dry Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and HBC 586. Sharks with freaking laser-beams attached to their heads not included.

NZ Be Kind & Rewind - Hazy Pale Ale

We’re bringing back our Hazy Pale Ale, but with a twist from the Southern Hemisphere! This beer is exclusively made with hops from New Zealand, with Waimea used in the kettle, and a dry hop containing waves of Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Southern Cross. This beer is smooth with a soft bitterness and has aromatic notes of Lemon and Lime zest, White Wine Grape, and Ripe Sweet Fruit. 

Galactic Fuzz - Hazy IPA

We’re not sure what beer in space will be like in the future, but we sure hope it’s something like this! Introducing Galactic Fuzz, an IPA brewed to the brim with pale malt and rolled oats and finished with a dry hop consisting of Galaxy and NZH-214 hops. With a nebulously creamy body and an aroma of Nectarines, Peaches, Papaya, Apricots and other Earth Fruits, this beer is perfectly paired with light speed jumps and shooting down alien spacecraft!

Count of Monte Citro - Double Hazy IPA

This heavy hitting double hazy IPA is bursting with sweet fruit and tropical citrus notes from the Citra and Strata hops and backed up with a dense body fortified with oats. It will most likely make you want to break out of prison and find a life changing fortune on a deserted island!

Ooh Helles is a Place On Earth - Helles

This crushable beer was inspired by the Bavarian Biergarten Greats. Brewed with German Pilsner and lightly hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Halertau Mittelfrüh hops, this lager is crisp, clean and malty, with floral, herbal, and slight citrusy aromatic notes. 

Shady Springs - Czech Dark Lager

This beer is our take on tmavé ležák, or Czech Dark Lager. Lagered for more than 8
weeks, Shady Springs is dark, roasted, but with a cola sweet taste, that is paired well
with a light, crisp body.

Midnight Train to Munich - Oktoberfest (Märzen)

Midnight Train to Munich Oktoberfest season is finally here! We brewed a traditional
Märzen style lager to celebrate. Midnight Train to Munich is an elegant amber lager
with a clean, rich, bready malt flavor, and a touch of floral bitterness. Enjoyment is
enhanced when enjoyed a Liter at a time! Prost!

Back at the Winchester - ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

This Shaun of the Dead Extra Special Bitter is the perfect pint to enjoy while waiting for the Zed-word apocalypse to blow over! With a perfect balance between caramel malt sweetness and hop bitterness from Fuggle, Target, and Golding hops, this beer will make you forget you’ve got red on you.

Hefeweiz Guy - Hefeweizen

This hefeweizen is classically bright and refreshing. With a heavy aroma of banana and cloves, and a light body and sweet wheat flavor, everywhere this beer is enjoyed becomes a Biergarten. Prost!

She's My Berry Pie - Dessert Sour

This sour was designed to be a mouth picnic with blackberry pie right in the center of the gingham blanket! The base sour was packed with wheat and oats for a filling bite, then it was fermented on blackberry purée, Korintje Cinnamon, and Ugandan Vanilla beans for a flavor reminiscent of blackberry and pie crust.


Mile High Salute - Chicha Sour

Mile High Salute is a beer unlike any other. Inspired by the traditional Peruvian beverage Chicha Morada, this Sour was made with Purple Corn, Cloves, and Cinnamon in the kettle, and fermented with Pineapple and Apple.  Tart, spiced, and slightly sweet, this Sour comes straight from the Andes. You can almost hear the pan flutes…

Three Stouts to the Wind! - Coffee Stout

The base of this stout was built with pale chocolate malt and flaked barley for rich and chocolatey backbone. Then we added a large dose of Gaitania beans from our friends for @easpolecoffeeco complementary cold brew flavor offering aromas of Nuts and Milk Chocolate.

Mutation Hard Seltzer 

This Hard Seltzer was brewed to have a very crispy clean taste that can be mutated with natural flavoring syrups to be enjoyed by all. Natural flavorings include Guava, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi, Honey Mango, Peach, Green Apple and sugar-free Raspberry.


Mutation FROZEN Hard Seltzers

All hail the Mutation FROZEN Hard Seltzer! This icy spin on the classic alcoholic frozen style daiquiri is the ultimate refresher for those hot Georgia Spring/Summer days.

YES, you can mix the multiple flavors we have on stock to your liking!


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Here at Mutation Brewing Company we focus on quality and style above all else for our craft beers. We want our customers to enjoy our craft beer the way we get to, the way it should be, fresh and properly handled. Our objective is to supply the customer with a high-quality crafted beer that can be experienced in our modern and vibrant themed taproom brewery. Our lively entertainment and sociable environment will give our customers an additional comfort and amusement to enjoy.

Can't forget about the fur babies! We are 100% pet friendly for our outside patio.

Micro Brewery | Mutation Brewing Company | United States
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Micro Brewery | Mutation Brewing Company | United States
Micro Brewery | Mutation Brewing Company | United States


Private Dining/Meeting Room

-Hosts 5-20 people 

-TV with computer hookups available

-Private, away from Main Taproom

-Private sound system for events available

-Perfect for family get togethers and corporate meetings.

Rooftop Bar

-Hosts 25-50 people 

-Private, away from Main Taproom

-Private bar for events

-Private sound system for events available

-Great view out to Roswell Road!

Speakeasy Taproom

-Hosts 25-60 people 

-Food catering tables available

-TV with full audio available

-Private sound system for events available

-Live band with electrical hookups available

Main U-Bar Taproom 

-Hosts 30-400 people 

-Food catering tables available

-Multiple TVs with full audio available

-Private sound system for events available

-Live band with electrical hookups available

We can host birthday parties, corporate happy

hours, company Christmas parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions, baby showers, engagement parties, Highschool reunions, and many more!



If you are looking to book an event please follow the link below to fill out our event form.

To speak with our event coordinator directly or schedule a quick brewery walk through please contact us at


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